Friday, January 25, 2008

Here we go . . .

As Hillary Clinton would say, "We're just warming up." A new campaign of disinformation and fear-mongering has been begun by the CNMI Department of Labor, indeed, the entire tiny cabal that created and supports PL 15-108 and would foist it upon us all over the objections and outcry of an overwhelming majority of a broad spectrum of the community and all of the most affected groups.

And they want to tell us it's good for us. And that the alternatives are bad.

Lies. Distortions. Poppycock.

We're here to fight back.

We're here to bring you the truth.

We stand always for People's rights over oppressive and unjust laws!

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Unheard No More said...

Thanks Steve. I will link to this site and inform people here in the States about the site and fund. Hopefully, PL 15-108 will be history very shortly with federalization being implemented.